Traffic Cones
(heavy & light duty – colors: orange, red, blue, yellow)
  • 450mm
  • 750mm
  • 1800mm
Drill Hole Sleeving
(used for sleeving of blast holes – the sleeving is manufactured from a durable 175 micron plastic and is supplied in 200m rolls)
Hole Sizes (lay flat)
  • 76mm  /  120mm
  • 89mm  /  140mm
  • 102mm  /  160mm
  • 115mm  /  180mm
  • 165mm  /  260mm
  • 172mm  /  270mm
  • 204mm  /  320mm
  • 250mm  /  390mm
Hole Markers
Durable plastic markers available in various colors
Thermos Flasks
These are a requirement on mines for the supply of ice to the miners and are available in 1l to 3l sizes
Fluorescent Spray Paint
Used for hole-marking and available in pink and green
Sand Bags
Used for plugging of blast holes